Lover’s Quarrel IPA

Flying Boats Brewing


A crisp and clean Hemisphere IPA using Mosaic hops and Galaxy hops which provide an assertive hop-forward flavour. A complex juicy flavour profile of mango, pine, and herbs with strong aromas of tropical citrus and passion fruits. 6.2% ABV and 60 IBUs.

The story behind the name: Lovers Quarrels are best resolved over a great local craft beer to mellow out the situation and will lead to affectionate stares (noted by glary eyes and smiles) and… well, you can write the rest of the story…

Well, we all have those days… In the early days of brewing in the Pilot brewery in my garage, I had a rough brewday! Having to deal with a lengthy power outage, a pump breakdown, and several small nagging brew issues, resulting in a near 14-hour brewday (normally 6 hours). After recounting the difficult day to a buddy, he said “sounds like you had a Lover’s Quarrel”. Hence the name for this test brew was born out of that experience, so we kept it for iterations of this juicy IPA style beer.


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