Home Flight - 12 Different Beers of the Season

Flying Boats Brewing


This pack includes 12 of our most popular beers which are listed in order of Flavour Profiles for optimal enjoyment and fun activity for an at “Home Beer Tasting” event… but we won’t judge if you drink them in order of your curiosity!

  1. Off The Rails Sour: A traditional Kettle Sour, using Lactobacillus blend as a wort souring agent, then lightly hopped during fermentation. Real Raspberry puree and Lime Zest were added to the final stage of fermentation to provide a nice balanced fruit combo flavour with a noticeable tart acidic finish. 4.4% ABV and 7 IBUs.
  2. Delta 8 American Wheat: Using Canadian Wheat to impart a subtle grainy wheat cracker flavour and balanced nicely with locally grown Centennial hops. Light and refreshing! 4.9% ABV and 28 IBUs.
  3. Kissing Rock Blonde Ale: A clean and crisp Blonde Ale with light hints of caramels malts balanced with a medium body. Moderate additions of Centennial hops provide subtle floral and citrus (lemon) undertones. Great ale for all occasions and pairs well with several food dishes. 5.3% ABV and 32 IBUs.
  4. Doghouse Pilsner: A light easy drinking German style Pilsner balanced with a subtle spicy flavour from German Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops and pleasing light aroma. Lagered for more than two months to produce a clean and crisp finish 4.8% ABV and 37 IBUs.
  5. Coastal Good Life Session IPA: This “session” style ale has several late additions of Galaxy (Australia) hops for a passion fruit-citrusy flavour and aroma, but also has enough background specialty malt, to provide a little body to the beer. 4.7% ABV and 44 IBUs.
  6. Liberator American Pale Ale: This APA is a hop-forward American-style Pale Ale, where the focus is on the hop flavours derived from a late boil and dry hop additions of Azacca and Citra hops, which impart intense tropical citrusy flavours and aromas. 5.6% ABV and 72 IBUs.
  7. Lover’s Quarrel IPA: A crisp and clean Hemisphere IPA using Mosaic hops (US) and Galaxy hops (AU) which provide an assertive hop-forward flavour from the late boil additions. A complex clean flavour profile of mango, pine, citrus and herbs with strong aromas of tropical citrus and passion fruits, from a late boil and dry hopping. 6.2% ABV and 60 IBUs.
  8. Dixie Clipper IPA: This is a well-balanced IPA that uses a blend of Chinook and Cascade hops for bittering, flavour and aroma to profile the distinct spicy and pine characteristics with a subtle grapefruit finish enhanced by a dry hop. 6.5% ABV and 68 IBUs.
  9. Stagecoach Amber Ale: This special Amber Ale beer style, which imparts a heavy caramel flavour together with a unique raisin-like characteristic (hints of plum) is derived from the use of Special W (Belgian) malted barley and was lightly bittered with local Cascade hops, to balance the malty flavour. 5.5% ABV and 29 IBUs
  10. Empress Irish Red Ale: Traditional Irish Red Ale with a focus on the maltiness and creaminess of the barley, wheat and specialty malts used. Nice roasted caramel flavour. 5.5% ABV and 20 IBUs.
  11. Station Master – Double Oatmeal Stout: Silky smooth Double Oatmeal (British-style) Stout with hints of burnt coffee and slightly bitter dark chocolate. Nice full-flavour and a medium body. 4.8% ABV and 28 IBUs.
  12. WILD CARD - Extra beer that you can choose in the Taproom or for online orders, we will choose an extra beer style to complete the 12-Pack.

12-pack 473ml cans