Test Pilot No. 5 – American Wheat Ale (Seasonal)


There is so much Canadian content in this Test Series beer, we should have called it a Canadian Wheat Ale. Using Canadian Wheat to impart a subtle grainy wheat cracker flavour and balanced nicely with locally grown Centennial hops, this light and refreshing beer comes in at 5.1% ABV and 29 IBUs.

The story behind the name: Test Pilot Series is our way of testing several beer styles, flavours and experiment with different brewing processes to deliver a great tasting experience.

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DRIVE THRU SERVICE. Here are the details:

  • Place the order for a minimum of 12 cans of beer.
  • Pay for the order. Specify in the notes who will pick up and what color and type of car we should look out for.
  • Drive to Flying Boats Brewing at 700 Malenfant Blvd and park in the designated “Drive Thru” parking area – See signage in the parking lot.
  • We will come outside to your car with your order once we see you parked in the designated area. Or send us another message using your email request and we’ll watch for you at the specified time.


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