Flying Sasquatch Pale Ale


Flying Boats Brewing was an idea that started in the early 1990s when Marc Melanson returned from 10 years of working as an automotive engineer in several European countries. After an abundance of distinctive, regionally produced beers in Europe, returning to Canada was akin to stumbling upon an arid desert, with lack of selection and variety to choose from. Hence started the process to see what North America could offer. The search for authentic locally produced craft beers was enjoyed during numerous business trips in the US and Canada. Over the years, more and more selection of locally produced craft beers appeared on the market as well as new beer styles that emerged for different tastes. This coincided with the desire to channel his drive and passion into creating fresh locally produced – Maritime inspired craft beers. When a buddy said “You should offer this to the public” – the gears started to turn and the long days and countless hours to create great tasting craft beers started and the passion has been driving the perfection of locally produced craft beer ever since.

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DRIVE THRU SERVICE. Here are the details:

  • Place the order for a minimum of 12 cans of beer.
  • Pay for the order. Specify in the notes who will pick up and what color and type of car we should look out for.
  • Drive to Flying Boats Brewing at 700 Malenfant Blvd and park in the designated “Drive Thru” parking area – See signage in the parking lot.
  • We will come outside to your car with your order once we see you parked in the designated area. Or send us another message using your email request and we’ll watch for you at the specified time.