Diplomatic Immunity Lagered APA


Flying Boats – 2020 FCBF Collab Brew:

Diplomatic Immunity – Lagered American Pale Ale:  Flying Boats Brewing teamed up with Boxing Rock Brewing of NS and Upstreet Brewing of PEI to develop and brew a unique “Lagered American Pale Ale” i.e. a hop forward APA with a clean and crisp finish through lagering techniques. Using primarily Pilsner malt for an enhanced smooth mouthfeel along with generous boil additions and dry hopping of a special blend of new hop varietals to provide a complex flavour and rich aromas.

Enjoy the work of three passionate breweries collaborating in this premium craft ale. 5.2% ABV and 34 IBUs.

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DRIVE THRU SERVICE. Here are the details:

  • Place the order for a minimum of 12 cans of beer.
  • Pay for the order. Specify in the notes who will pick up and what color and type of car we should look out for.
  • Drive to Flying Boats Brewing at 700 Malenfant Blvd and park in the designated “CURBSIDE PICKUP” parking area – See signage in the parking lot.
  • We will come outside to your car with your order once we see you parked in the designated area.