Great for parties, private events or just because you have a kegerator at home (lucky you).

We can hook you up!

Want more info? Here are some FAQs you want to read first!

How much is a keg of beer?

The prices vary depending on the beer you choose, prices range from $122.81 to $132.47 (all tax included).
We also charge a $125.00 Rental Fee on all kegs. The deposit is reimbursed when the keg is returned!

I don’t have a kegerator at home, do you rent a dispensing pump (party pump)?
We do! We charge a Rental Fee of $100.00 and a Cleaning Fee of $10.00.
The Rental Fee is reimbursed when the pump is returned.

How long does the beer last?
It depends on the dispensing method!
In a kegerator: your beer will last a very long time because of the continuous introduction of CO2 in the beer and will last up to 6 months for optimal freshness!
With a Party Pump - it’s best to keep cold and consume within the first 24-48 hours.

How many litres of beer in a keg?
We offer 20L kegs.

How many pints (16oz servings) in a keg?
Approximately 42 pints are in a 20L keg.

I have a kegerator at home, are your kegs compatible with my system?
Our kegs are compatible with Sankey Coupler.

What beers do you have available in kegs?
Our selection varies - send us an email at for more information with the Subject line Keg Rental.

Interested in renting a keg or want more information?
Send us an email at with the Subject line Keg Rental.