Hercules Black Lager

Flying Boats Brewing


This is a beer we brewed to celebrate the changing seasons! This Lager has a refreshing taste of smooth dark chocolate with a lightly toasted cracker flavour that finishes with a quick, clean and light finish to the palette.
Kind of a Dark rich smooth British Stout that finished crisp like a German Lager.

5% ABV and IBU 28.

The story behind the name: The Hercules (and Samsom) was the first wood-fired steam locomotives, built by Hinckley in the UK and delivered by boat in the summer of 1854 at Pointe du Chêne wharf. Later that winter the locomotive was pulled on a bobsled, by a large team of horses, over the snowy road to Shediac to begin construction of the European and North American Railway Company railroad.


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Type: Beer